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Monday, March 29, 2010

Organized Chaos in My World

It's taken me a little bit to organize how I'd like to do my blogs. At first I thought I'd just do random stuff all the time, but then that's just not me. I like to be organized (even if my house doesn't show it!). So, while fighting off a stomach virus AND a nasty cold (complete with every nasty sypmtom), I had time to think about how I wanted to present my Organized blogs. This is what I came up with. Of course, the ADHD in me will compel me to change things up eventually, but for the time being this will be the format:

Mondays: "Monday's Little Snippets" - Monday's will be all about fun and silly things, just what the doctor ordered to ward of the dreary Monday blue's syndrome!

Tuesdays: "The World At Large!" - This will feature a particular article I've found on line that has caught my attention, whether it be amusing, tales of heroic proportions, or just plain stories from around the world and locally, it will be found here on Tuesday.

Wednesdays: "Witchie's Workings" - This will be the day devoted to my personal "workings" including some simple spells (you didn't seriously think I wouldn't add this on here, did you??), information on ancient rites, there will also be the occasional trip into the 'religious' realm. Think you can handle it?

Thursdays: "Thursdays Thoughts" - Musings from my altered mind. You'll understand when you begin reading.

Fridays: - "Freaky Friday!" - Anything goes! It's the end of the work week for most of the world, and don't we find most of us get "freaky" on Friday?

Saturdays: - "Saturday's Savory Recipes" - I think this one is pretty obvious! I will also accept recipes submitted by members/followers. Just be sure to send me a message with the full recipe/instructions/etc, w/your name/member name/blogger name, whatever name you want me to attribute to the recipe and you will be credited with the submission. Please try to keep the recipe simple and easy.

Sundays: "Sunday Sweets!" - Sunday is a day of relaxation for most, as such I would like to use contributions from members; meaning, suggestions on topics.

This, hopefully, will become a very interactive blog. Just please remember, I won't be able to use everything that is submitted each week. But I will save a suggestion, recipe, funny tidbit, etc. and use it at a later time. If you want recognition for a suggestion, recipe...ah, all of the aforementioned, lol, please REMEMBER to put your name w/it.

Thanks for visiting Witchie's Place a.k.a. Witchiepoo's Land of Confusion, and keep coming back and hey, tell your friends you've found a fun little place to visit!

Much Love, Witchie!

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