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Thursday, April 29, 2010

And Whose Bright Idea Was This???

Has anyone ever wondered why a watch is called a watch? It doesn't watch anything now does it? And why is a crab called a crab? Are they very cranky?? These are just words, after all. Aren't they? What I'm more interested in is whose bright idea it was to come up with some of the things that we deal with from day to day on a more physical level. You know, those things we can touch and feel...and be perplexed by because of their design. Like:

Whose bright idea was it...

To glue the end of the toilet paper roll to itself??

So hubby asks me; "Is that really glue?" Sure seems like it to me. Especially when you're trying to get those first 10 squares of paper off the roll and and it's stuck to itself...and you end up ripping the first 3 layers of paper!

And to stick with the bathroom theme...

Whose bright idea was it to design the toilet the way it is??

See the red line? That is the "route" that "things" travel when the toilet is flushed. Why? Why not just make the "route" shorter to the illustrated by the blue line. Do we have any plumber bloggers who can answer this perplexing question because I'd really like to know the answer to this one. My thought is that maybe the guy who invented the toilet didn't intend for the design to be like this really. But everyone liked the idea of not having to shovel their own poop anymore so much that no one really complained about it clogging all the time. Then someone else invented the plunger (and I don't even want to know how this handy little fix-it tool came into being), therefore the issue of the "clogging" was solved and no one saw any reason to change the design of the toilet. After all, wouldn't a lot of plunger making people be out of jobs then?

My daughter has just informed me that she thinks the design is to purposely break up the "smelly stuff" as it's flushed so that it's not still whole when it makes it to the septic tank, therefore, not clogging the septic system.

A sound theory I suppose and a pretty shitty subject to talk about, I know, but still, I stick with my design.

Much Luvz, Witchie!

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