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Monday, April 19, 2010

~Monday's Little Snippets~ Random Thoughts...

Here are more random thoughts from an obviously tainted mind...

*To me it seems if someone is going to act the part of a least get the grammar correct. When your headline includes a "him" when you're talking about a "her," please re-read and use the correct words...please?

*While chatting with a dear friend about our children, she informed me that her son had said something "not so nice" at school. He was put on the phone with Mom and properly reprimanded. All good. Then I told her that my toddlers ( 3 and 2 years old respectively) were baaaaaad...yes, I said it just like that...and that I was just going to cut to the chase and buy the straight jackets NOW. She lol'd me and said, they're just little. I also said that I have closets...and lots of duck tape!!!! Her son is 8 (I believe) get it?

*It seems my Goddess status has not precluded me from poopy diapers, animal vomit, washing a sink full of dishes or 4 baskets of dirty clothes. AND, yes, I am expected to cook the supper, run the errands, be the fashion designer, referee the fights, and still be pleasant when the hubby gets home from work! Really?

*After having a conversation with my youngest daughter about frequent urination, I asked her if she was Cyberpregnant. She looked at me funny at first, then thought about it. Then told me that she would tell her boyfriend that if he'd gotten her cyberpregnant, then she was going to cyberkill him. (she is NOT sexually active and proud to be a virgin)

*I love Halloween.

~Pic for the day~

Jordan Almonds - Goddess Food!

Much Luvz, Witchie!

1 comment:

  1. Almonds!! yummy!

    lol @cyberkill... makes me think.. never mind ;)


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