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Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday's Little Snippets - Spring Has Sprung-Beltaine is nearing!

Flowers blooming; donning the shorts; the sounds of the birds singing early in the morning, welcoming the day; seeing the local park full of fishers and playground tykes...all sure signs that Spring has sprung to be sure. Here at our house (itty bitty apartment), we began our Spring cleaning. We did a house cleaning unlike anything we have done recently. Got a box of toddler boys clothes ready to be taken to the local Saver's store (it's like a thrift store here) and working on yet another, toys no longer played with or broken, shipped to the backyard and garbage, blankets laundered, windows open wide to air the place out from the stale, stagnant scents of a Winter now over.

While Spring may have officially began on March 20, it started just a wee bit later in our home. I can't wait to go to the store and get my flower seeds to pot tomorrow and even though once they bloom I'll have a porch full of bee's, I look forward to the wonderful scent they will bring.

I also look forward to a Pagan celebration coming soon...Beltane, on May 1. One of the two most important Sabbats (the other being Samhain), it marks the beginning of a new season (whereas Samhain marks the end). This Sabbat is a fertility Sabbat, one that celebrates life above all else. Balefires are lit at this time on May Eve, Daisy chains are woven and worn by children for protection and bells are rung to protect against the mischievous faeries. It is said that the ringing of the bells hurt the wee faeries ears. There are also Morris Dances, old fertility dances traditionally performed around a Maypole. These dances are from English and Celtic lands and still survive today. Lace some jingle bells through white or red ribbon and tie onto your ankles, making a bow, and dance away and Celebrate Life!!

One of the most important customs of Beltaine, which has never died out is that of dancing around the May Pole. The Maypole is a phallic symbol impregnating the birth canal being woven around it by the dancers. I'll go into more detail on this symbolic act the closer we get to Beltaine, so be looking for it if you are interested in learning something new.

For now, I will begin to celebrate Spring with planting my flowers in hopes that they will be in full bloom by may 1, so that I may decorate my altar with them (I honestly don't have a green thumb, so it's a hit or miss kind of thing with me). I wish all a happy Spring!

Blessed Be, Witchie!

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