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Monday, April 5, 2010

~Monday's Little Snippets~ -

Springh is here and I have dee inevidable code. Ya dow da one...sneezingh every do seconds, dose is runningh like a sieve, redh and zore frob wipingh, idtchy and pindchingh dike a bidtch, eyes waderingh, dears runningh down your face, head all foggy-like code. Nyquil only alleviades the sympdoms while you sleep and you can'd sleep whend you rund your ownd busidness and you have to keep up wid do doddlers, so you forego da Nyquil. Ond dop of feelingh like your head is beingh squeezed, your fambily is lookingh ad you wid dat expecdand look: "Whads for suppah?"

I am nod Marda Steward, dammid! I am humand! I can'd run a muldi-million dollar compandy, rund a house, spend dime in jail and still funcdtion wid a code! You wanna ead, you cook! Da mosd I cand do is defrosdt da chickend in da microwave and dat's cuz I done have da touch id. Da mosd I'm willingh to do righd dow is sanidize my handhs dil dey damnh near disinhegrade, dry nod do fall adsleep ind my chair while dalking do by blog-fands, andh keep dellingh byself; "ids do early for Nyquil!"

So, I'll have my dee (tea), wrab byself in by fuzzy badrobe and surf da web somb more while by fambily makes fund of how I dound andh gives be da ebil eye for nod cooking for dem.

Mudch luvz, Widtchie.
(andh I'm still beingh askd, "Whad are ya doin' wid da chicken, dear?")


  1. awww Get well soon momma! Missing our chats! Hope you're getting lots of rest. LYLM!! muah!

  2. Thanks momma! Rest? What in the hell is that?? Speak english to me, not greek! LMAO


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