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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Organization goes out the window!

As I told y'all in the beginning, I would try to follow a schedule of sorts, you see my topics to the left, right? Yeah, right! I also told you that I have ADHD and I was sure that it would be difficult for me to stick to the topics is one of those times!

My topic today will be...wait for it...ok, don't wait...Women's Vitamins/Supplements. What, you say? I don't want to read about womens vitamins. Trust me, I'm not going to get all techy on you here. My thing with these freakin' horse pills are just that...they're damn horse pills! I commend every single woman who can swallow one of these things whole because I can't! I just can't! I even cut the thing in half and it still stuck in my throat! Why are these things so damn huge?? Is there so much stuff they pack into them that they can't be any smaller??

So, here's my simple solution: Make the damn things smaller and instead of trying to swallow 1 pill per day, can't we just take two or even three smaller ones?? Is that so hard?? I would rather take a few smaller pills than kick my gag reflex into high gear trying to swallow one of these things!! Unfortunately, for the time being I will have to content myself with pulling out the knife and chop the thing into smaller, more manageable, swallowable pieces. Kudo's to all the women of the world for shoving this thing down the hatch without so much as a blink of an eye!! I am not one of you.

Much luvz, Witchie!



    I'm one of those that can, but I'd still prefer if they can make into one of those sweet syrups for children lmao

    Now, makes me think, since I can down those horse pills, does that make me a "horse"?? ROFLMAO

  2. Hmmmm, I do like the idea of a syrup too! Maybe I could just crush the horse pill and stick it in my tea!!


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