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Friday, April 23, 2010

Raffle info...

Before I get my ass off this chair and from in front of this screen, I have to let you all know a little more about the Ad Spots I am offering on my blog.......

Ok, for anyone who wants to:

1. Buy an ad -
A. As soon as you make your choice of the amt. of time you want your ad to run and have made the payment, immediately send an email to: with your choice of time (1 wk., 2 wks, etc.) your name, paypal name AND your blog name & badge code or Business Name & URL w/the pic you want me to use scaled down to 125 x 125.

B. In the subject line put: Witchie's Place Ad Spot Purchase.

C. I will send you back a confirmation email with the details of your purchase and the date(s) when you can expect to see your ad running.

Thank you and yes, I'm still hashing out the details of the "raffle" for a "free Ad Spot," so bear w/me. I can tell you that so far I've decided that there will be 3 winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners) and each winner will be placed accordingly on my blog (top of page 1st, middle of page 2nd and bottom of page in footer 3rd place). That's it so far because I've been checking out other people's blogs to see how everyone else is doing this type of thing and I must say...I don't Twitter, I have more than enough people to keep up with on Facebook, I only know two others bloggers very well to have people be following other bloggers, etc. So I'll have to try to be creative and unique here. I'll post as soon as I have worked out the details. HAGD!!

Much Luvz, Witchie!


  1. You've got a really great blog here!

    Happy FF! If you get a chance, please follow me too at

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanx Melissa, I am now following you too, glad you like my blog and I look forward to entertaining you further! LOL


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