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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Random Sunday Thoughts...

1. Sundays are "me" time. Of course, this Sunday is rainy, dreary and nobody wants to leave the house to let mommy have her "me" time. Can you hear my great big *sigh*?

2. Lately I've been trying to watch my caloric, or is it calorie, intake. That got me to thinking about other things regarding weight, weight loss and the obesity issue in America. I'm not obese by any means. I do have "extra padding" around my middle, but it's nothing unmanageable. Now, I'm also a huge fan of The Biggest Loser... I feel so proud of these people who have lost control of their lives and through the show, they gain it back. But I also wonder why this country focuses so much on being "skinny." I would rather have some meat on my bones and still be healthy (I never have a complaint from my doctor about my weight) than kill myself in a gym and starve myself...and if you ask me, some of those people either lose sight of why they're at the ranch OR they only want to win the cash prize at the end. So, to me, unless you have a medical condition for the reason for being obese, I would suggest moderation in the foods you eat. Make sense? Don't go getting all angry and stupid on me, it just seems logical to not eat 5 hamburgers instead of one...maybe on a whole wheat bun, w/low calorie mayo, some lettuce, low fat cheese and I see nothing wrong w/a pickle on the side okay, and add a simple exercise routine of sorts to your day. Even 5 minutes to start can go a long way to slimming down.

3. In correlation to Random Thought #2...I gain most of my weight during the winter months. I become a bear that hibernates unless I really have to venture out of doors for say doctor appts, food shopping, household necessity shopping. So, come the first signs of spring, my butt is literally walking everywhere. Walking works for me in helping to shed those extra lbs. old man winter gave me. Lots of sex works too, but I think that's for another time maybe.

4. Why haven't these guys left yet???

5. I realized after reading the comments in my "Anal Retentive or OCD" post, that although I amused some of you guys, I sounded like a real idiot in the kitchen. On the contrary, I'm pretty comfortable in the kitchen. I just have those days that...just turn out to be "those kinda days."

6. "My name is Inigo killed my father...prepare to die."

7. I hate stuffy noses.

8. Why do the flowers that I buy keep dying on me?

9. I shouldn't be allowed to run with scissors OR drive while under the influence of Midol.

10. Today is one of those kinda days.

Much Luvz, Witchie!

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