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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts...A Meeting of the Geezers, Kismet?

I think its always fun to run into old acquaintances that you haven't seen in a bit. Today this very thing happened... well, sort of. Today I met up with (again) an old friend that, up until recently, I haven't had contact with for a couple of years at least. We'd been such close friends years ago too, but circumstances had separated us for a time...and so the story begins...

After leaving the city we met in here in our state, we met up again in the city we both now live in. I'd moved first, then she a few months later. She had gone through some family and health issues and we'd lost touch for a couple of months or so and then I'd gotten a call. She was in the hospital in the state where the majority of her family lives. I don't rightly remember what had happened to her now, but she sounded awful on the phone and she wanted to come home with her teenage daughter, but had no where to go. Even though my small apartment was full already, I'd offered them a room until they could get back on their feet here. It was like we'd never lost touch. We spent almost a year in that apartment with like 11 people living under one small roof. Yes, all the tension, getting on each others nerves, the late night conversations took place. Then suddenly, the unthinkable happened. The apartment on the first floor caught fire. By this time my friend had been renting the apartment for a couple of months. Both our family's had lost just about everything. Some stuff was salvaged, but she'd lost quite a bit more than we had lost and again, our families were separated.

We both found new apartments in this city, but we weren't as close as when we'd lived together and then in the same building. We'd run into each other on rare occasions over the past 2 years, but never really kept in touch. Recently though, it seems like every time we go to the store, I run into her now. Whether it be the local Wally World, or at the supermarket, we'd stop and awkwardly chat for a few minutes, but then we'd part and neither one of us, it seemed, really made an effort to exchange phone numbers, emails or whatever. Heck, I knew where she lived, but I didn't even know what apartment she lived in and even though she's visited once or twice to our apartment here, she doesn't drive to come visit us. Now all of a sudden we're in each others faces. Just today, we met up at the supermarket and I ran her over with my shopping cart. Yeah, that's exactly how we used to act when we were close years ago. I knew she didn't drive and even though she lived only a short walk from the market, I offered her a ride home.

This was pretty cool because I got to see where she lived finally and while I have never been, nor will I ever be judgmental of others, I was not happy with what I saw. I always envied her for her meticulous home (apartment), but here, she is living in an apartment that was small and after everything she'd been through with her health and all the movings and whatnot, it seemed to me that she'd just given up on living life. She'd always been the more active one, going places, doing things and me, I was the homebody. Friends came to visit me, instead of the other way around. When dropping her off and spending about twenty minutes or so chatting, we made plans to visit again and this time bring the rest of the gang.

Upon arriving home and preparing dinner, I thought about the impending visit. I thought, omg, how would we all fit? I couldn't just not bring everybody. So I decided to kidnap her and her daughter when I picked up my husband from work. We had a wonderful visit here at our apartment, she got to see the boys and it seemed we really picked up where we'd left off 2 years earlier. We were laughing and talking about old times when we both lived in the same apartment complex, then when we all lived together in our tiny apartment before the fire. Then we got to talking about her family and stuff. I won't bore you all with these details, but suffice it to say that her father is pretty well off, a really sweet gentleman, and his health is failing. He's been wanting her and her daughter to come live closer to him in Indiana, but she just didn't feel like making the trip, she didn't want to really live in the huge house he was offering her with just her and her daughter (because dad would move out, I don't know either, but that's the dynamics there) at the time. She didn't even want him to leave her any of the houses he owns when he moves on from this world to the next.

While talking this evening though, I learned that she decided that she did want the huge house after all, no other ones, and that she was thinking about moving down there -over there, wherever Indiana is from Rhode Island, because of his failing health and to be closer to him. Through this conversation, she told us that he's selling a few of his other houses because he just can't keep up with them now and there's nobody there really to manage the properties for him. That's when I jokingly told her, "Hey, tell him we'll come down and manage the apts. for him!"

That got all of us thinking. Why not? We've been wanting to move out of this state for a few years now and have considered everywhere from Georgia to Texas, lol! If we all moved down there together, we'd still be close, hubby would have a job managing the properties for her dad and everybody would have a comfortable roof over their heads. She'd be ensconced in her family home again, closer to her dad and her daughter would have granddaddy time with him. He's been steadily losing family members to the "other side" over the past few years and I honestly thought it would be good for the daughter to be able to spend time with her aging granddad.

We've had this conversation before back when we all lived in that tiny apartment together, but nothing really ever came of it, so, even though she said she'll talk to her dad about the subject (because she calls him every weekend now without fail because of his failing health), we'll wait and see what happens.

Now, I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. Maybe the sudden frequent meetings out of nowhere were a prelude to this evening? Kismet. Maybe the Meeting of the Geezers (because neither of us are spring chickens anymore) was meant to be for both of us, long time friends, so that we both could realize a dream of
finally being comfortable somewhere, not only in our own skins, but in our own little corner of this great big world.

Until next time, friends and followers, Much Luvz, Witchie!

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  1. Interesting!!! Tell me ALLLLLL about it in chat!


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