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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday's Witchie's Workings - Food of the Gods

Ok, so I pulled out a bag of Lay's Original Wavy chips and for the moment I thought..."ahh, heaven!" Then I began to think, what would be a food fit for the Gods? Of course, being a Goddess, I figured chocolate...dark chocolate to be exact...would surely be high on the list (if not at the top of the list). Its one of my favorite foods, and yes, the other Gods and Goddesses do love it as well, mostly melted on other foods, bodies, etc. But as I was researching this topic from a human perspective, I came across a site that had recipes posted on it that apparently originated in Ancient Rome and it seems as though (going by their own research into the topic) apple cider vinegar was used in many many recipes.

Apple Cider Vinegar??? Ugh! Honey, Yes. Chocolate, Yes. Grapes and Wine, Yes! But apple cider vinegar?? Not my first choice of foods I'd regularly want to ingest. Even in minuscule amounts. All I can say about that is that I don't remember this particular flavor in my foods then and I'm so glad the human taste buds have evolved since. Now one would think that Honey would be right at the top of the list of ambrosial foods as well. When warmed, it's tough to beat the flavor, now drizzle this hearty, thick awesomeness on say, warmed whole grain bread...oooh, yummy!

Of course, no where does it say in the rule book that for a food to be befitting of a God or Goddess that it has to be sweet...and/or sticky...or look heavenly on that sculpted, muscle-rippled body...erm, I'm sorry, I digress... Butternut Squash, when mixed with just the right spices has a way of leaving a satisfied thrill on my tongue, a warmth in my tummy and transports me back to my home on Olympia when in the Autumn we feast on this lovely food. Me, being a descendant (several times removed) of a more famous Goddess (who I will not mention in this writing) and therefore a lesser Goddess, prefer the sweet flavors to that of the salty or spicy varieties, but then, that's just me. Every now and again I do get a craving for a hearty beef stew with buttermilk biscuits and a nice cornbread, but as of this moment? The Cosmic Brownie Rules!!


  1. Bbbrrrrroooowwwnnnniiiiiieeeees! Yummo!

    .. and yes, you definitely ARE a goddess. LYLM!

  2. Gosh, is that make me hungry or not, well just salivating I guess. :P
    Food for the goddess? chocolate and add an ice cream that's a deal. LOL

  3. Chocolate Chip Ice Cream! Ok, ok, I admit, I have a major weakness for chocolate!!


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