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Thursday, April 8, 2010

What is this world coming be more precise, our country? Am I wrong to be upset about some of these things?

*A diplomat can just walk away from a charge that your every day Joe Schmuck would be incarcerated for a number of years over. Not only does this person walk away free and clear due to Diplomatic Immunity, but he also gets to slap us in the face by joking about his actions (referring to the 2001 shoe-bomber incident), and yet he still gets to go home. Shouldn't he have to at least face reprimand from his own country...publicly...even if it's just for show??

*A Governor goes on vacation when his state finds itself in desperate need of guidance and help because Mother Nature decided to have a hissy fit. While there were many divided comments about this subject as to why he shouldn't have canceled the "planned in advance vacation," there were just as many as to why he should have canceled it. My take on it? He should have been there to show his support of the residents HE represents...yes, even if he couldn't have done a damn thing about all the flooding!

*4 miners are still missing from a mine that has had 61 safety violations against it in the past 15 months alone. 61 safety violations??!! Aside from the loss of jobs for these 4, plus the other 25 who were actually killed in the explosion...shouldn't this mine have been closed down until the violations were fixed?? Now, 25 hard working people are not only out of a job, but out of their lives as well!! There are NO excuses acceptable for this. NONE. My heart and prayers go out to all the families who have suffered losses from this incident and I pray that the 4 still missing will be rescued safe and sound.

*I don't even want to touch on the Health Care Reform Bill. Am I the only American that is truly confused by this whole thing? I've been reading posts here, there and every where for and against it and I have no clear picture of what this bill says or what it means to me and my family. Call me ignorant if you want, I don't care, but could someone please explain this 2000 page bill to me...without the liberal dose of personal opinion attached...I would greatly appreciate it and then let me make my own decision on what I think about it.

These are just some of the reasons why I don't have too much of an interest in the nightly news anymore, yet I still watch it and try to keep up on current events. I'd post more, but I have a time issue at the moment, maybe I'll leave it for another day because I'm sure there'll be more stupid news to report in the future.

Much luvz, Witchie!


  1. I also lost interest in reading the newspaper many bad things and people. I don't understand what has become of this world.

    Diva Fabulosa
    Life of Filipina Blogger

  2. Yikes! Was gone for a day and all these?? Now, now Momma, use some of the old witchie spell and make the world a better place... puhleeez!

    LYLM! Might not be on too much, ya know how weekends go, but I'll be dropping by to check on ya!

  3. I don't either, Jade, and its a very sad thing too.

    Working on it Ms. Kat. Enjoy your weekend and I'll chat with ya on the other side of it!


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