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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Job Update!

So, the interview(s) went well! All I'm waiting for is for them to check my references, do the BCI, and have me come do the drug test. Then they will be able to "officially" offer me the position once all that is done and comes back okay. The toughest part of the interview was deciding what I wanted to wear to it! After several outfit changes...all using the same pants...I decided on the pair of dressy dark olive green slacks with pinstripes and a white sweater that buttoned down the front. If it had been up to my daughter, I would have been wearing those slacks, a long sleeve, white dress shirt and the long jacket that matches the pants...oh and a pair of heeled shoes! I looked like I was going to be applying for a management position rather than applying for just a humble position in apparel!! I felt overdressed and opted for the white sweater instead. It was casually dressy.

I felt really good at the interview too. Comfortable, sure of myself. I haven't had an interview like this in a very long time. The only time I thought I might have messed up the interview was at the second one when she asked me some question and all I could say was that it didn't apply to me. I can't remember what the question was now, and that irks me, but her response to mine was; "Oh, so you're perfect?" I was shocked and flabbergasted to say the least!! I had to explain to her that as the situation had never happened to me, I had to answer no...which did in a sense to someone else, seem like I was saying I was perfect.

I am by no means perfect. I never claimed to be and I think it would be difficult being Perfect all the time, don't you?? I guess my recovery answer was good because by the time I was done the 2nd interview, she was all but telling me that I have to wait a little longer for her to call me in and "officially" offer me the position.

So, now I have the interminable wait by the phone. I know, I know, it's only WalMart, but in this day and age, and with the economy the way it is, any job is an income and an income is a good thing...and our household needs this income desperately right now! And just because it is WalMart (who is known for hiring just about anybody), it doesn't make the feeling of accomplishment any less than if I'd applied for a corporate position somewhere. It is important to me and when I do get the call to come in and take the drug test and get offered the job, I will feel as proud of myself as I did when I landed my first job and I will do the job as if I were working in a corporate office! Because I will be expected to give my best and anything less would be shortchanging them AND myself!

Much Luvz, Witchie!

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