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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Job update!!!

So, the trip for the drug test did turn out to be shorter, but then I think that's because I'd already traveled the route yesterday. Turns out, I turned around to come home about 5 minutes too soon. If I had only gone maybe 5 more minutes down the road I would have found the dang place! But, I still would have arrived there too late to get the test done.

I have no idea why they are having prospects take a half an hour drive for a simple piss test...and that's another beef I'm having that I'll get to in a moment... See, the city I live in is relatively poor. Most are low income and when a job opens up in any of the stores, you are battling no less than a few hundred other applicants for the same job/position. Many will be teens, just getting their feet wet in the work field. Many who will rely on public transportation to get back and forth to the job. It is unrealistic of this store to send people on a half hour drive...into another state mind take a drug test. I used a little more than a half a tank of gas between yesterday and today getting there and back. What about those who don't have that ride to get there? I'm told they would have to take a bus into Massachusettes and then take another to get to the medical clinic where the testing is done. For $8/hr? Thankfully, I had a vehicle to get me back and forth.

Now, for the piss test itself. I honestly think the hiring manager should at least warn ppl that this is the kind of test potential employee's will be taking. I have a regular habit upon waking of emptying my bladder right away. The eyes are not rounded out upon waking yet, the cigarette has not been smoked. The tea water hasn't even been heated. The bathroom is the first stop of the morning. Today I also had a regular doctor appt at noon. I had to leave to get to the medical clinic for the drug test early so to be back in my city in time for this dr.'s appt. If I had known the drug test was a piss test...I would have held off on the regular morning bathroom visit.

A normal 5 minute procedure ended up taking the better half of an hour to accomplish...even with a full bottle of water dumped into my system within a 5 minute span. Ugh! I felt nauseous and my tummy was bloated! I just barely made it back home to get to my other appt.

I was told yesterday that after they got the results from the BCI and the drug test, they would call with an orientation date and then when I would start working. Great, I figured I'd got another week at least before I would start working. Ha! They called me 3 hrs after taking the drug test!

My start date and orientation date start tomorrow morning at 11 a.m.!! Holy crap! I had no navy blue shirts in my wardrobe, why would I? The color is ugly on me! LOL So hubby went out and bought me two simple navy blue shirts. I'm all set to begin my next chapter in life as a working woman again and a WalMart Employee! Kudo's to me!!

And how is life treating you?

Much Luvz, Witchie!


  1. congratulations aunty good luck luv ya............. XOXOXO

  2. Weee congrats momma! How'd your first day go??? Will miss our chats but I know we'll have lots more to chat about in the next few days (when we're both available). Take good care of yourself. Kisses to the 2 boys. lylm!


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