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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mixed Day...

The weather predicted a cloudy day with a slight chance of rain today, but the day turned out to be sunny and very warm! This was a blessing, yet also a curse at the same time. I figured if it was going to be cloudy, I could have my yardsale and not worry too much about the weather. Roughly after about an hour into sitting outside with my wares, I had to go back in and change. It turned out to be very hot. Once I returned back outside, the skies changed intermittently from clouds to sun and back to clouds again. 6 hours later, we packed it in for the day and vowed we'd be back outside again next weekend. We made $9 and I got one hell of a sunburn!!

Also, news about the job...I'm beginning to wonder if I did a good enough interview or not. A friend who works at the store said she'd talked to the manager who'd interviewed me and the woman didn't ask her about me at all...AND...when she did her interviews, they had her do the drug test the same day! No one had me do a drug test, nor has my other reference received a call from the store yet. *Sigh. So, maybe I just got my hopes and confidence up just a bit to high and jinxed myself and now I'm not even being considered for a position.

All I want to know is this: Who in the hell can't get hired by WalMart? Apparently me. :(

Much Luvz, Witchie!


  1. Don't give up. I have sent some positive energy out to Walmart. Hope you hear something soon.

  2. Aww momma, I do hope Grampy's right and you hear from them soon. Sorry bout the weather too. I just did a lot of laundry today and the skies are getting darker, and darker, and... no!! I'm hearing thunder dang. Gotta get the clothes in first.

    Wishing for more good vibes to come your way. lylm.

  3. Thank you both! Much Luvz to you and everyone who sent prayers my worked! I officially became a WalMart employee I don't know whether to laugh or cry! LOLOL


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