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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Surprises on AI...

Let me first say that this has been the best AI finale that this Witch has ever enjoyed. Many of the guests being from her era (the 80's), she was having a ball singing along with all those old "memory" songs while her family looked on with vague awareness of many of the songs and voicing their, "I remember that song...I think..."

As for the finale reason itself, well, of course, it wasn't really a surprise that Lee Dewyze has become Season 9's winner. If I remember the season correctly, he has NEVER been in the bottom 3...4...or 5 for that matter! Granted, Crystal hadn't been there either, but every week we saw Lee creep by practically unnoticed...the dark horse sydrome??...while Crystal was out there in your face.

While Lee wasn't my favorite to win, I am happy for the guy. It was better for Crystal that she didn't win really because now she can be picked up by any recording company that offers her the best deal and honestly, I think that might be sweeter than actually winning the title of the next American Idol. And though I'm by no means knocking Lee's raw, rocker talent, Crystal was my favorite.

And as an added note here for those who care about this Witch's opinion, lol, my favorite top 4 from the get-go had been:

Crystal Bowersox (to win)
Casey James
Lee Dewyze
Mike Lynche

I wasn't too far off, eh?
In other television news, I have to ask one question...

"How in the hell did I get...gulp...addicted to Glee?"

Much Luvz, Witchie!

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