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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sleep Overs...

We have a little apartment. It's a 3 bedroom, but still it's little. We live on the 3rd floor of our building. It's a lot of stairs. Yesterday we celebrated, with my niece, the 1st Communion of her daughter. There was a "gathering" at my sister's house (You remember her yard? Yes, the very same place that held the Canoe Easter Egg Hunt). There was food, fun, lots of good vibrations.

Well, this Witch had been feeling particularly good. I'd gotten some really decent pics of the communion girl (my 2nd niece actually) and of my boys and their dad, of the household mascot, Sasha ( beautiful dark German Shepard). Plans had already been set in motion for one of my other niece's (Faith, pretty name, eh?) to sleep over this weekend and we were going to take her home w/us when we left and bring her back today. Feeling happy all over, this Witch was all over Facebook (kinda) adding new family and friend members, letting my boys run around outside in their WHITE socks (ugh! I'll pay for that one!)...

Well, you would have thought this Witch had been smoking some "happy stuff" because when she got two more requests to join the sleep over, she just automatically said; "Sure! Why not? The more the merrier!" I keep being asked; "What are you on?" LOLOL

I made sure that the two new "requestees" understood that there really is nothing all that exciting about being at my house. Neither of them had EVER asked to sleep over before and I was quite surprised by both requests, but heck, I thought, how horrible could this get? It was only going to be for 1 night. In all reality, it went well. Aside from a tired 7 year old who got just a wee bit slap happy, which had been easily remedied with G-Force and bedtime, we had no incidents that would force either myself or a relative to transport a child back to their home. All in all, a pretty successful sleepover. Every one is in the living room playing on the Wii now, they have all been fed (which had been a concern after confirming the sleepover attendees!) and we haven't come to a decision as to what time we would be returning the sleepover attendees to their homes yet.
Daddy & the Boys


The Communion Girl & Mom

The Sleepover! (that is a body under the leopard print blanket!)

Much Luvz,Witchie!

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