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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Manic Monday!

Well, we had ourselves a rough time here at the Witchy household yesterday into early today. Our power was out! Yes, we all know what that means! No internet. No Facebook. No Blogger! No anything (including lights and stuff!)! Good thing this Witch keeps lots of candles on hand. The quiet was disconcerting for a bit, but then with the windows open I could hear the crickets, the traffic, the sounds of people talking as they walked down the street for a late night stroll, even the raccoons were having a field day in our garbage pails out there...omgsh, what a racket they make! At first, I thought it was cute, but after about an hour of them screeching at each other at like 3 a.m., I'd had enough of their cuteness AND I couldn't even see them because it's very dark over where the apartment buildings' garbage area is.

The most wonderful thing of this excursion into medaeval times was that my two toddlers actually went to sleep earlier than they normally would have! Most nights we have to fight with them to go to bed and sleep, they both have very forceful personalities and when they don't want to do something they fight you tooth and nail! No, I know what you're thinking, what a pretty way to say they're spoiled little brats. On the contrary, these two are far from spoiled. Rambunctious, yes. Determined to have his own way, yes. Vocal, yes. But, no they aren't spoiled. I guess they fell asleep earlier last nig
ht (as opposed to this evening) because they were bored, had no movie to watch before going to sleep, no video games of shooting guns and yelling to lull their little minds to sleep, etc. There was literally no noise last night, something I'm sure they have been unaccustomed to since birth.

Our house is a noisy one. T.V.'s are always going, video games, something that is noisy. I figure it's better for them to be accustomed to the noise rather than total silence when they go to sleep, this way they aren't bothered when they are sleeping and a sudden loud noise wakes them. Instead, now when my older son turns off the t.v., the sudden silence wakes the littlest one up. I can't win, lol! So much for that theory.

Well, the power was restored early this a.m. and wouldn't ya know, the first thing out of the nearly 4 year old's mouth was: Wanna watch a moomie! Ugh. They are a product of their environment, I willfully admit it.

Ok, I've babbled enough for this evening. I'll chat with ya again as soon as I can. In the meantime, stay healthy, stay happy and stay safe.

Much Luvz, Witchie!


  1. It's the same way with my little ones. If the power goes out, they're like "What do we do now?!?"

    The camp theme we did week before last helped a lot. Instead of watching tv, we went out into the yard to do things in the garden and such. Funny how it takes something that extreme to notice how quiet it gets when the electronics are all off.

  2. While I didn't enjoy not being able to use my computer, I did enjoy the silence of no t.v., no video games, etc. And I noticed, it's just as noisy outside with all the birds and stuff! LOL


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