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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Promotions on Witchie's Cavern! Come See!

In my side bar on Witchie's Cavern you will find a few promotions that I am an affiliate for. If you are interested in the New Age field, Alternative Beliefs, Witchcraft, etc. topics, hop on over there and scroll down a bit for some that I've added.

I can personally recommend one of them because I have the product! The Simple Spell Casting E-Kit by Rose Ariadne is chuck full of spells, interviews, fun information and lots more! It's not ridiculously expensive and is downloadable, so no waiting for snail-mail products to be delivered to your doorstep and no shipping costs!

I've been a student of Rose's for a few years now and also have another one of her magick kits! It's been great working with her! So, pop on over to Witchie's Cavern and scroll down until you see the text ad under: WITCHIE'S PROMOTIONS (under the adgitize ads!). Happy Spell Casting!!

Much Luvz, Witchie!

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