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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Relaxing Sunday?

Today I had planned to get my adgitizing done early so that I could have a little extra time to check out other peoples' blogs, catch up on blogs that I haven't visited in a while and just over all roam the 'net. Then I was going to just catch up on some housework and roll around on the floor with my two little guys.

Yeah, right! After I did my adgitizing, I got caught up on my Witchie's Cavern blog. I posted on there and then got caught up adding pictures and stuff...and then wishing I had thought to make that one a separate blog in itself and not have it up under the Witchie's Place blog (a.k.a. log in). So I wondered if it were possible to just take the whole blog and do just that, make it separate from the other blog. No dice, unless I recreated the whole blog. Yuck. I do have a blogger account under my email, but I honestly don't feel like creating a whole new blog. I only made that email acct. so that I could post on the Cavern blog with the Cavern signature and not the Witchie's Place signature. This in turn makes me have to sign out of Place and into Cavern (are you confused yet?) to be able to post on Cavern.

Maybe one of these days, I will take the time to recreate Witchie's Cavern in a separate blogger account, but for now, you can visit there through here still and check out what I do over there. Like you can read my latest blog post, or see that I added a new awesome looking clock like the one on here and I'm looking to redo the blogcatalog latest viewers box (seeing as it shows the visitors from here!).

So, no, the housework didn't ALL get done (I did vaccuum and do the dishes), but I did take the time to sit down with my boys while they colored and put stickers on their pictures. And while the day may have been relatively relaxing for my body, my mind has been going a hundred miles an hour...if anyone said blogging was easy, I beg to differ, lol!

Much Luvz, Witchie!

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