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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Being MIA...and Pagan Celebrations!

We've been every busy lately with birthday parties, Pagan Celebrations (Lughnasadh just passed on the 1st) and continuing to to update our webstore (sld merchandise), hence the reason for being MIA.Coming up is the 2nd of the three Harvest celebrations for the Pagan world; Mabon. The 1st being Lughnasadh, which we celebrated on the 1st of August. The last will be Samhain (sow-ayne), celebrated on October 31st--All Hallow's Even; Halloween, etc. (which is also the beginning of the Pagan New Year on the "Wheel of the Year.")
Mabon (May-bone or Mah-boon) is also known as The Autumn Equinox--the day when there are equal hours of light and dark. It is also known as the "Witches Thanksgiving" on the Pagan "Wheel of the Year."
Celebrated generally on Sept. 22 (the first day of Autumn), it is a day of feast, wine, festivals and remembering the dead. Activities can include hay rides, decorating the home with representations of the season and the "Horn of Plenty" becomes popular now. Quilting Bee's are popular among many Pagans in anticipation of the cold winter months ahead and many of today's patterns are Pagan designs of protection.
In keeping with Pagan feasting traditions, it is fitting that one offers part of their meal in sacrifice. Other ways of offering thanks is by putting something out for the wild animals who will be glad to have it as winter begins to set in, or by giving either time, money, or food to a shelter or social service organization that feeds the homeless and hungry on Thanksgiving.If this Pagan Celebration sounds a lot like Thanksgiving, it's because in the U.S. and Canada, it grew more out of the Pilgrim's need to connect with the festivals of their homeland than it did from any religious impulse. The first Thanksgiving day had many detractors among the Puritan leaders due to its pagan origins.
This Witch and her little charges will be taking a walk to the local park to look for acorns, leaves that are starting to turn color and other Autumn stuff. We will also be going apple picking to make apple pie's and apple sauce (yum!) We will also be putting together a "Horn of Plenty" of our own, can't wait to get started on that project with the boys!
Much Luvz, Witchie!

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