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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts...

Well, it would seem obvious that with Easter just a few days away, thoughts would turn to the holiday. Now, if you know me, then you know my thoughts don't take the normal turns that others' thoughts do. So, on with the thoughts...

Being raised as I was, Easter was full of candy-filled baskets, new outfits, family gatherings, etc. Sure, when I was very little, we did the church thing (no disrespect intended to those who do the church thing), but as I said before, I moved away from that path at a young age. Today, we still do the basket w/candy and gifts, but I personally celebrate in a different way...which is not for this particular blog topic.

Here on the East coast, we just experienced a rain fall like we hadn't seen in a very long time. Local flooding was reported for just about every city in our small state...with all the rain we received, it's no wonder Rhode Island didn't just float away!

Just beyond our backyard is a sort of swampy area. When it rains the way it has for the past week, the cute little stream running through this area, turns into a pond...a huge pond. I am thankful for the wall that separates the backyard from the "pond" and that we live on the third floor (in the sky). Now, my sister on the other hand is fortunate to own her own home and has a humongous backyard, but not fortunate enough to have escaped the inevitable basement flooding and the backyard turning into a lake. Take your local kiddie playground/park area...this is the size of her yard!

Ok, so this is the yard that hosts the annual family Easter Egg Hunt. I know where your thoughts just went, the imagery was the same for me! While conversing with Sister on Facebook (because Facebook has now become the new telephone!), I ask the obvious question; "Is the yard soggy?" Here is the short conversation that ensues:

Sister: "hopin backyard dries b4 sunday.or we"ll have to put kids in boats to find eggs."

Me: "that would be soooo freakin awesome!!! can you imagine it? watching a bunch of toddlers row, row, rowing their boats!!!!!!"

Sister: "get the life jackets. rules of the pond every child must b accompanied by an adult. that means rachel too"

(rachel happens to be a 17 year old, lol!)

Me: "she said she row her boat all by herself, don't need no stinkin a-dult!"


So, that is the usual tone of the conversations with my family members...and even though the topic of conversation changed to one of a more somber note, I couldn't get the image of a bunch of toddlers rowing around "hunting" for brightly colored, candy-filled plastic eggs out of my head! Of course, I possess an unusually active imagination therefore, the images (and inevitable questions) continue...

Exactly where does the 'adult supervision' come we wade through the waist-high lake and guide the kiddie boats? And, if a tyke spots an they dive into the water in their Easter finery to snatch the prize OR do we adults make the plunge for them...seeing as none of them can swim yet (except for that over achieving 4 year old cousin)? And, what exactly do we do about the eggs that will sink into the muck created by the water? Do we count these as losses...or do we resume the Hunt when the water recedes? What about the candy/prizes in the eggs, of course, it'll get soggy and ruined because the eggs are not we keep more goodies in reserve for this purpose (I ask this because if we do not fill the eggs before we hide them, they'll just float on the top of the water and where is the fun of the Hunt in that?) And, possibly last, but not least...What do we do with the, shall we say, "over-zealous" parent? You know the one...The parent who'll have their kiddie ram another kiddie's boat to get to that pink egg in the bush... the parent who'll remove the stopper from another tyke's boat to make them sink and hinder their egg hunting progress...that parent who will stop at nothing to make sure their child has the lion's share...the bunny's share AND the turtle's share of the goody-filled eggs! And their child is the 11 month old who has no idea what the hell they're doing in a boat in the backyard and why their mom is screaming at them to stick their hands in that yucky wet stuff to grab some brightly colored hard thing...although, it might be good to chew on 'cause, dang it their gums hurt right about at that time!

So, these are my thoughts on our annual family Easter Egg Hunt. Of course, none of this will happen because our local weather lady has spoiled my fun and says the weather will be gorgeous from today on and Easter will be a sunny day for all the bunnies hopping around and somewhere in the 70's. Alas, I was so looking forward to a watery egg hunt too!

Much Luv, Witchie.
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