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Friday, May 23, 2014

New Stuff...

Holy heavens, but it's been a very long while since I've been here!  So much has happened in the past 4 years that I couldn't begin to tell y'all all of it. I'm learning, by trial and error, how to do this from my phone. I love technology even though I don't much understand it!

Hopefully I'll be able to post this without too much trouble, lol.

We've lost lost much in the last four years and yet we've gained a whole lot too. Life still isn't easy street, but we're working on that every day. I've self - published my first book on Amazon and am close to getting my second out there too. I hope that those of you who will remember me, will look into them and try them out. And, if I get this posted with minimal to no issues, I'll be posting more often.

Here's to blogging from my smartphone. ..!

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